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What is Harvard Referencing?

Harvard Referencing is a style of formatting and acknowledging sources used in your research and written work. Harvard Referencing is primarily used by British and Australian students. Check with your university or college to find out which style of referencing they use.

Referencing is very important as failure to do so is considered a form of plagiarism and intellectual dishonesty. Referencing correctly also adds credibility to your research and written work, allowing the reader to check the sources themselves. Referencing also shows you have researched your topic well, resulting in higher grades.

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How to reference

This website makes referencing very quick and easy, however it is very important to understand the referencing process. Your university or college will have loads of great information on how to correctly Harvard Reference. To get you started we have complied a guide to supplement your universities maternal.

Before referencing it's important to collect as much information as possible from your source(s). For instance if you are referencing a book, collect and author(s) forename and surname, year the book was published, title, edition, city and name of the publisher. It may also be worth collecting the ISBN number.

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